Maria Hupfield. MAD, Nov. 2017
Object activation for stop-motion in Cravings. 
Gif made at BRICworkspace. Nov. 2017

 Kio Stark  Brooklyn, Jan. 2020
Map of topics. Research suggestions for multiple assembles in The Money Making Machine. (Photo by Kio / via IG.)

 Clara Schuhmacher  Providence, RI. Apr. 2020
Sound concept guidance and interpretation; vocals on I can’t click anymore.



 Ewa Pawlik  Warsaw, Apr. 2020
Erasure poems based on FB's algorithmic translations of posts I collected in April 2020.

 Wanda Gała  Brooklyn / via Zoom, Apr. 2020
Movement design for I can’t click anymore. 

The first recording of Labor Day. Brooklyn, Jan. 2017
223 Devoe St. (private apartment)

Other participatory recordings included: Frequency Fridays (Ohio, 2017), BRICworkspace (open rehearsal and open studios, 2017), and Cat's Throne Room (Brooklyn, Jan, 2020).


Thank you: Jay Pott, mhProject, and Wiktor Podgórski.